create fashion that fits your customer, lifestyle, and values. (woman trying on a light blue puff sleeve shift dress that fits her well and smiling in the mirror while patternmaker Alison Hoenes adjusts the belt)

Women’s apparel patternmaking that fits your customer, lifestyle, and values

Get your designs to production and be confident in the technical details

How it works

video call design meeting with client

We talk through your design and how the style fits within your customer’s lifestyle and your business goals

women's graded dress pattern in Optitex patternmaking software with Clo3D stress map dress rendering

I combine your creative vision with fit testing data and industry technology to create factory-ready patterns and tech packs

woman in light blue puff sleeve sheath dress looks at herself in the mirror confidently smiling

You go into production with confidence

(and see the smiling faces of your customers)

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Alison Hoenes in home office

Hi, I’m Alison Hoenes (pronounced ‘Hay-nes’).

As a fashion designer and business owner, you have a clear vision for the unique clothes you want to make and the niche customer you want to make them for. However, getting those designs from sketch to production can be a challenge – especially when you care about doing things the right way. You get nervous about the lack of transparency, feel powerless when it comes to the technical details that ensure product quality, and are afraid the things you don’t know will lead to mistakes that will cost you your company’s cash or reputation. This doesn’t have to be your experience forever. I believe you can be in control of creating fashion that fits.

I’m a freelance patternmaker who helps women’s slow fashion brands confidently get their designs to production without compromising fit, vision, or values. The end result: you get to enjoy the smiling faces of your customers wearing your designs and feel good about the path it took to get there!

“You asked a lot of questions and taught me things so I could make better decisions. The final deliverables are impressive! I am so happy with what I received and appreciate the detail that went into it. You made it easy! Designing pieces in 3 – 6 months rather than 12+ months.”

— KaLeena

“I found out quickly that your service has been worth every penny in the end and probably helped save me more money and frustration in the long run.”

— Victoria

“I loved the transparency (process, cost, timeline) and your expertise, as well as your amazing reputation in the field (I spoke to MANY people while searching for a new partner).

The delivery and the format of the files — 100% satisfaction and no follow up questions from the factory.”

— Magda

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