How To Draft Patterns for Stretch Materials: Patternmaking (pt. 2)

Once you’ve selected your stretch materials and planned the fit of the garment, it is time to start drafting your pattern. The pattern harnesses the stretch properties of your fabric to shape the fit and hug and support the wearer in all the right places. It is at this stage that creative design gets technical.

Choosing The Best Labels For Your Apparel Product

Labels create a first impression of your product and brand. Don’t leave labels as an afterthought, but instead take care designing your labels as you do with your garment. Choose the best type of labels for your apparel product based on the look, feel, and function of the overall design.

Labels You Need For Your Apparel Products

The garments you sell need labels. Labels are how you brand your product, provide important information to the customer, and meet legal requirements. They are a small detail, but have a big impact. Let’s talk about when and what labels you need for your garment.

How To Write POMs For An Apparel Tech Pack

Did you know there is a strategy to writing points of measure? What POMs you choose to include in your spec sheet and how you take those measurements can control the fit and sizes of the garment in different ways. Here’s how to write POMs that bring out the best in your garment and goals.

10 Things That Can Delay Your Production Run

There are many things that can delay a production run, but if you are aware of what can go wrong, you can avoid many potential delays. Here are ten things that can disrupt your production schedule, why they hold up the process, and what you can do to make sure things stay on track.