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This Is (7 years of) Slow Business

The block that I live on is full of old trees. This block must have looked quite different 87 years ago when these houses were first built and the trees were newly planted. Growing trees like this is slow business. In many ways, this is what I want my business to be – a slow business.

Pros and Cons of Being In Your Own Target Market

Many fashion entrepreneurs start their brands to solve a problem that they personally experience. They’re frustrated with the lack of options available and decide to create the product they wish existed. Being a designer in your own target market has unique advantages, but it also has some drawbacks. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

10 Relatable How Fitting Podcast Episodes To Support Your Mindset

Fashion entrepreneurship looks so glamorous on the outside, but anyone who has their own fashion business knows that it can feel overwhelming and lonely. Here are 10 How Fitting podcast episodes featuring the relatable and inspiring stories of fashion entrepreneurs to support your mindset and sustain your mental health as a fashion business owner.