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7 Ways Your Pattern Needs To Be Drafted To Move

Think about your favorite pieces of clothing. They probably are the ones that don’t hold you back from any of the activities throughout your day. This is why drafting patterns and fit testing for movement is so crucial. Here are seven ways that the pattern and resulting garment need to move.

Do Expensive Clothes Fit Better Than Cheap Ones?

I recently had a conversation about whether expensive clothes fit better than cheap ones. This is an interesting question – both for consumers of fashion trying to figure out what items are worth buying, and for brands wanting to make clothes that fit. Is there a correlation between price and fit? Let’s explore.

5 Possible Reasons The Design Isn’t Working

The design doesn’t look nearly as good in real life as it did in your head or sketch. You’re not sure what’s wrong, but something with the design just isn’t working. There can be many reasons why a design isn’t working. Here are the five I see most often.