Fabric & Design Consultation

Need expert guidance pinpointing a fabric perfect for your design?

Worried you’ll be caught off-guard by a tricky fabric or one that doesn’t look quite how you expected?

Stuck on what to search for and how to describe the fabric you have envisioned?

Imagine having confidence in your fabric choices.

Imagine being certain that the materials you invest in are technically and aesthetically right for your design.

Imagine knowing what search terms and fabric qualities will yield you the best results.

Fabric choice has a profound impact on the look and fit of the final product. During the Fabric & Design Consultation, we’ll go over your design, the desired look you want to achieve, and who it’s for. Then I’ll suggest some fabrics and qualities that will yield just that. You’ll take away a reference sheet listing the materials specific to your design as well as key search terms you can use to find it.

This consultation includes:

  • Consulting session to talk through your design and desired outcome
  • Suggested fabrics and trims sheet with key descriptors, features, and qualities that will achieve your design vision.

This means it gives your business:

  • Confidence that the materials you invest in are technically and aesthetically right for your design
  • Clarity on what to look for so you can focus your time and effort where it will produce results
  • The exact industry terminology you can use to talk to mill reps and suppliers so you can accurately communicate what you are looking for – and look professional doing it


The consultation costs $199 USD for one design.

You might be wondering:

How will we meet for the consulting session?

We’ll schedule a meeting on Zoom so you can share your sketches, inspiration, or reference photos over video.

Will you send me referrals of places to buy the fabrics you suggest?

No. This consultation is about giving you clarity on your design and fabric so you can source the materials yourself.

So why work with me?

  • I specialize only in women’s apparel which means I have a keen knowledge about fitting and designing for this market.
  • I’ve been sewing clothing for almost 20 years which means I understand how different fabrics behave within a design.

Ready to get clarity on fabric for your design?

I book projects on a first come, first served basis with priority given to current clients. Reserve your spot on my calendar now to make sure your deadlines and launch dates are met.