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How 3D Design is Different from 3D Development

In the last few years, we have entered the era of 3D democratization. Now everyone from designers, tech designers, textile designers, and patternmakers are all using it. There are huge benefits to using 3D, but while both design and development may use the same 3D software, the goals of the two use cases are different.

File Formats in Fashion

The modern fashion toolbox is much more digital – and more complicated. What software do you need? What file type is this? Why can’t I open the file the factory just sent? Let’s take a look at some common file types in fashion so you’ll know what you’re looking at and what tool is required.

What It Means To Have Production-Ready Patterns

Have you ever heard the term “production pattern” and wondered what that really meant? There are actually clear differences between just any regular pattern and one that is production-ready. Plus, there and reasons why you don’t want to (and sometimes can’t) go into production with just any pattern.

Paper vs. Digital Patterns – Which Are Better?

Fashion is a very old-school industry. At the same time, companies are adopting technology within their design, development, and production processes – including patternmaking – more and more. This transition to digital has brought up the question whether traditional paper patterns or digital ones are better. Here’s my take.