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10 Things That Can Delay Your Production Run

There are many things that can delay a production run, but if you are aware of what can go wrong, you can avoid many potential delays. Here are ten things that can disrupt your production schedule, why they hold up the process, and what you can do to make sure things stay on track.

7 Ways Your Pattern Needs To Be Drafted To Move

Think about your favorite pieces of clothing. They probably are the ones that don’t hold you back from any of the activities throughout your day. This is why drafting patterns and fit testing for movement is so crucial. Here are seven ways that the pattern and resulting garment need to move.

Types of Fabric Shrinkage and How To Manage Them

You don’t want any unwanted surprises in production and your customer doesn’t want any unwanted surprises the first time they pull the garment out of the clean laundry basket. To know what shrinkage to expect and how to manage it in production and beyond, testing your fabrics for the different types of shrinkage is essential.

What It Means To Have Production-Ready Patterns

Have you ever heard the term “production pattern” and wondered what that really meant? There are actually clear differences between just any regular pattern and one that is production-ready. Plus, there and reasons why you don’t want to (and sometimes can’t) go into production with just any pattern.

HF#55 Slowing Down To “Revive All Clothing and Materials” with Laura Fisher of Revivall

How Fitting
How Fitting
HF#55 Slowing Down To “Revive All Clothing and Materials” with Laura Fisher of Revivall

In episode 55, Laura Fisher of Revivall Clothing encourages us to slow down and get in touch with our values, our clothes, and the land around us. She shares the windy path (including a degree in Animal Science) that led her to start Revivall in 2009 and how she’s built the brand to “revive all […]