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Women’s Clothing Sizes Explained

Have you ever wondered what the sizes on American women’s clothing labels really mean? As a brand, creating easy-to-understand, well-fitting sizing for your designs can be a challenge. Use the quick guide below to see the different sizing options, what they mean, and when it makes sense to use one sizing method over another.

How To Extend Your Size Range For Existing Styles

Many brands I’ve talked to want to become size-inclusive, but have had to limit their initial size range due to financial or logistic reasons in the meantime. So, when you are able to invest in extending your size range, how do you go about adding the new sizes to your existing styles?

HF#12 Sizing Up The Glamour Of Life’s Special Occasions with Phyllis Brasch Librach of Sydney’s Closet

How Fitting
How Fitting
HF#12 Sizing Up The Glamour Of Life's Special Occasions with Phyllis Brasch Librach of Sydney's Closet

Before ending her first career 14 years ago as an award winning journalist, Phyllis Brasch Librach became inspired to trade deadlines for hemlines. She wanted to take the tears out of shopping for her daughter and all daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts and friends with real curves. In a world where thin is too in, Librach […]