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Types of Fabric Shrinkage and How To Manage Them

You don’t want any unwanted surprises in production and your customer doesn’t want any unwanted surprises the first time they pull the garment out of the clean laundry basket. To know what shrinkage to expect and how to manage it in production and beyond, testing your fabrics for the different types of shrinkage is essential.

Fashion Production Models Explained

Different production models can yield very different businesses, garments, customer experiences, and ethical and environmental impacts. Let’s look at a range of fashion production models and their pros and cons.

What It Means To Have Production-Ready Patterns

Have you ever heard the term “production pattern” and wondered what that really meant? There are actually clear differences between just any regular pattern and one that is production-ready. Plus, there and reasons why you don’t want to (and sometimes can’t) go into production with just any pattern.

The Question I Ask Every Factory: What Do You Specialize In?

Whether I’m meeting a new factory at a trade show or interviewing a factory for a client project, the one question that I always ask is ”What do you specialize in?” How they answer tells me what type of work I should send them and whether I want to work with them at all.