Tech Pack Package

technical design package

Do you feel like garment quality is out of your control?

Take back the control of building a reputation of quality with your customers that will have them buying from you again and again.

Are you samples not coming back how you’d hoped?

Imagine getting a sample back that looked just like how you dreamed it would.

Are you confused by the technical questions your factory asks?

A technical package (called a tech pack) accurately communicates every detail of your design to factories so you don’t have to.

The Tech Pack Package will take your design from concept to concrete technical specs that give you the freedom and confidence to get your product made anywhere. I’ll provide you with detailed sketches and a technical instruction package that describes all the key details, measurements, and material requirements to your patternmaker or factory so you don’t waste time or money on incorrect samples. It will be a go-to reference document for your factory to get their questions answered and a great resource for you to track your product as it moves through development and production.

The Tech Pack Package includes:

flat sketch

Flat sketches and technical sketches that show clear visuals of your design so you can communicate the vision in your head.

A complete tech pack that has all the detailed technical instructions you need to source your design from multiple factories and get samples back correctly the first time.

apparel tech pack
graded spec sheet

Suggested graded size specs so you have the confidence to get your product made anywhere.

A fabric and trims “shopping list” with suggested materials so no small component gets forgotten.

bill of materials



Basic, unlined garments with few details such as tanks, tees, and simple lounge styles

$675 USD


Garments with a little more fit and styling such as darted bodices, collared shirts, pants, colorblocking, shirring, ruffles, and lined styles

$850 USD


Complex garments with many design details and style lines, multiple layers, or precise tailoring like jackets, blazers, and formalwear

$1,075 USD

Not sure what package you need?

Let’s talk about your project and goals and see which package is good fit for your business. The call is free and there’s no commitment to work together. 

You might be wondering:

What do I need to have to start?

You’ll need a thought-out design idea, a target price point, desired size range, and an idea of what kind of fabric you want. I’ll take care of all the technical details of how the garment will be made.

My factory already knows how to sew my product, why do I need a tech pack?

Having a tech pack gives you the freedom to work with or get quotes from multiple factories so you aren’t tied to one vendor. Also, you want to have all the details of your product in writing so you and your factory are all on the same page about quality and expectations.

Will I be able to edit the tech pack once you send it?

Yes! I provide tech packs as Excel files that you can use or edit as is, print out, or save as PDF.

What is the turn-around time?

Typically the turn-around for tech packs is 3-4 weeks from when I receive your style information. If you need tech packs for more than 5 styles at once or have a tight deadline, contact me to confirm my availability.

So why work with me?

  • I specialize only in women’s apparel which means I have a keen knowledge about fitting for this market.
  • I have 10+ years experience developing and making patterns for women’s apparel.
  • I have helped dozens of brands successfully communicate their design ideas to their factory.
  • I provide all prices to you upfront so you can plan each style profitably from the start.

Ready to start getting samples that match your expectations?

I book projects on a first come, first served basis with priority given to current clients. Reserve your spot on my calendar now to make sure your deadlines and launch dates are met.