What’s in an Apparel Tech Pack (for You)? – Sample Comments

The final section in a tech pack is for sample comments. Each sample gets its own page. When you receive a sample, write down the sample measurements as well as any changes made to the style. Keep track of what decisions were made and what the next steps for the style are.

For you as the designer, the sample comments pages help you keep track of development and allow you to look back at what changes were made at each step. By documenting each sample, you have a built-in check and balance system that will catch errors before you go into production. By comparing sample measurements to the spec before each fitting, you are able to see whether any fit issues need to be solved with better sewing, cutting, or a pattern change.

A tech pack is a comprehensive document that details how to make the style and what is needed to make it. It is certainly a key tool in communicating technical information to your factory, but don’t discount its usefulness to you as the designer as well.

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Sherri Picciano

7:37 pm July 13, 2021

Alison, Next group meeting let’s talk about this sheet sample comments. How does a designer figure out the Tolerance Allowance for garment. Any basic rules to follow on this? Would love to learn more about how to determine areas that can be off and by how much. I enjoyed getting to know you better today, thank you for creating this group, your kindness and honesty. Sherri Picciano

find kro

1:02 am December 1, 2022

print which aare not woven into the fabric but are applied over the fabric

Alison Hoenes

9:23 am December 5, 2022

Is that a sample comment you've made before? It is all those types of little things that you have to check on the sample and track in the tech pack to make sure the final garment is the quality you are looking for!

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