How to Ask for Feedback on Your Design (In a Way That Will Get Helpful Answers)

Like good design, being able to ask good questions and get helpful feedback takes creativity, thoughtfulness, and practice. We’ve all excitedly shown someone our work and asked “What do you think?” or “Do you like it?” The answers to those questions, while nice to hear, aren’t usually that helpful. It is the thoughtful, specific questions that probe a bit deeper that prompt the meaningful answers. Knowing how to ask for feedback will provide you answers you can actually use to improve your design. Here are some questions you can ask to get helpful feedback on your design. 

To get feedback on the design:

When getting feedback on your design, what you really want to know is does the design solve a problem for your customer or help them achieve a goal or aspiration. Ask questions concerning how they’d use the design and how it would affect their life.

Where would you wear this garment? What activities or occasions would you wear this garment for? Why?

What are the most important things you look for when purchasing a garment like this? Why?

What do you dislike about other similar garments that you’ve owned or looked at? If that problem could be solved, what effect would that have on your life?

Who would you recommend this product to? Why?

What other types of garments or accessories would you style with it?

Would you buy this as a basic to fit with your current wardrobe or as a statement piece?

To get feedback on the fit:

When it comes to fit, the person wearing the garment often knows what they don’t like, but may not know what is causing the issue. When getting feedback on the fit, you want to ask questions that get at how it feels to the wearer and why. Then you as the designer along with your patternmaker can determine how best to adjust the design to give a better fit. 

How easy was it to get on?

How does it feel when you walk/sit/move/hug/bend? How does it feel as you wear it for a longer period of time throughout your day?

Does it feel uncomfortable or rub anywhere on your body?

Would you feel confident wearing this all day or would you feel the need to keep adjusting it?

How do you feel about yourself when you wear it?

To get feedback on the pricing and market positioning:

Understanding how your design fits within the market and among your competitors is crucial to making it a business success. Ask what expectations your target customer has for the product and how they see it compared to other brands.

What brands do you usually shop from for this type of product?

How much would you expect to pay for a garment like this?

How often do you buy a new garment in this category?

How long would you expect the garment life to be?

Is this type of product something you’d buy in multiple colors?

Would you buy this product from us over another brand? Why or why not?

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