Pattern & Development Package

patternmaking and apparel product development

Are you ready to go from sketch to production with confidence?

Imagine being able to focus on the creative side of your business and have peace of mind that the technical details are taken care of.

Do you feel like you have no control over the end result?

Be proud of how your designs have turned out and confident knowing your factory has everything they need to make them.

Are you intimidated by all the technical details it takes to get your designs made?

What if you had someone to answer all your factory’s technical questions before they even ask them?

The Pattern & Development Package is for brands that have a solid design vision and are ready to prototype and prepare for production – without the technical hassle. We’ll talk through your design and how the style fits within your customer’s lifestyle and your business goals. Then I’ll help you hone your design for production and guide you through considerations to make your design a success. We’ll perfect the fit over several iterations of pattern and sample as I combine your creative vision with fit testing data and industry technology to create factory-ready patterns and technical instructions. You’ll end up with everything you need to send to a factory for production and have a finished sample to show buyers or start taking pre-orders.

The Pattern & Development Package includes:

flat sketch

Flat sketches and technical sketches that show clear visuals of your design so you can communicate the vision in your head.

3D digital samples of your design so you can confirm your vision while reducing the number of physical samples needed – saving time, money, and environmental impact during the development process.

3D blue tiered gauze dress
digital dress pattern

Production-ready pattern (with 3 rounds of updates included) which is the backbone of your product that will allow you to consistently manufacture your design season after season knowing it will maintain quality.

Up to 3 rounds of fit samples and video (Zoom) fittings which give you the opportunity to test and tweak the fit of your design on a real person before you invest in bulk production so you know it fits your customer and your vision.

pinning the shoulder of a light blue dress during a garment fitting
pattern grading

Size grading so you can offer your design in a range of sizes and sell to a broader audience.

A complete tech pack that has all the detailed technical instructions you need to source your design from multiple factories and get samples back correctly the first time.

apparel tech pack
graded spec sheet

Graded size specs so you have control of the quality and the confidence to get your product made anywhere.

A fabric and trims “shopping list” with all the materials needed to make your design so no small component gets forgotten.

bill of materials
production pattern files

All the production-ready files and reference materials your factory needs to make your product so that onboarding with your factory is streamlined.


Pricing is between $2,250-$4,500 USD per style depending on the product type. Let’s talk about what you are making and then I can send you a proposal specific to your project.

Let’s talk about your project and goals and see if my services are a good fit for your business.

The call is free and there’s no commitment to work together. 

See what others have said:

“I loved the transparency (process, cost, timeline) and your expertise, as well as your amazing reputation in the field (I spoke to MANY people while searching for a new partner).

It has freed out my time as a business owner and allowed me to have peace of mind (priceless!). I can’t wait to bring our new (and updated) designs to my customers.

The whole timeline (from idea to final files) has been much quicker, transparent, smoother and more professional. The delivery and the format of the files — 100% satisfaction and no follow up questions from the factory.”

— Magda, Founder + Designer
MLM Brand

“I found out quickly that your service has been worth every penny in the end and probably helped save me more money and frustration in the long run.“

— Victoria, Designer, Potion 23 by Victoria Cates

“I needed help to turn the designs I had into reality and your pattern & development package was the perfect fit for that. I really liked that the package includes both sample making and pattern making because it cuts down time to get the designs right and also prevent any miscommunications between different parties (i.e. sample maker and pattern maker). Since Lovanie is a brand for petite women, sizing is very important to me and I really appreciate your help in making sure we get the fit right even after multiple fit sessions. I also really liked the fact that I knew what my investments would be upfront. That was really helpful for a new brand as I’m starting out my business.”

— Nics, Owner/Designer, Lovanie

“You asked a lot of questions and taught me things so I could make better decisions, the 3D image was a great feature, the detail when it came to fit model measurements was reassuring, and the final deliverables are impressive! I am so happy with what I received and appreciate the detail that went into it. You made it easy! Designing pieces in 3 – 6 months rather than 12+ months.”

— KaLeena, Founder + Designer, J. Margaret Weaver

“Working with Alison has allowed us to release more new silhouettes because of the timely turn-around of her patterns and her ability to be precise in the first round of edits. A well executed pattern is the backbone of well-made clothing and Alison has ensured ours are executed to the highest standard. Long term, working with her has allowed us to have more new releases, growing our product offerings, and in turn, growing our sales.”

— Chrissy, Designer + CEO, Fauxgerty

“Your energy, patience and kindness made the process go a lot smoother. I also liked your feedback/ recommendations. These things makes someone feel like you genuinely care about the success of the garment.”

— Sydney, Designer, Sydney Smotherson

You might be wondering:

Why are your services more expensive compared to other vendors?

It may seem like a high price, but there is a lot included in the package that you would usually pay separately (or hourly) for with other vendors. With me, it’s transparent and all included in the fixed price you know upfront. The fixed pricing means you can plan each style profitably from the start and you won’t pay a dime above that amount even if your project takes more work than I anticipated.

How long does development take?

On average, plan on development taking 3-6 months. If this is your first collection, plan on longer (I recommend 6-9 months) before you are ready to work with a factory on production. Note, this does not include time for sourcing materials beforehand or production time at your factory after development is complete.

The timeline varies based on the number of styles you are developing simultaneously, material availability, as well as your schedule and mine. At our first meeting, we will set up a timeline specific to your project to make sure all your deadlines are met.

Who will own the rights to the patterns you develop for me?

If you’ve paid in full, you own the rights to your patterns and can take them wherever you wish. 

How do I know that my factory will be able to open the type of pattern files you provide?

Every factory I have worked with has been able to open a DXF file (kind of the PDF of the computer aided drafting world) – even if they have a different CAD system than I do. If for some reason your factory prefers another format, I am able to export to multiple other formats as well. 

What CAD patternmaking program do you use?

I work in Optitex for pattern drafting and grading and can provide the native PDS files in addition to the AAMA formatted DXF/rul files.

Do you provide paper patterns?

Only the digital pattern is included. If you need paper patterns, I can provide a PDF file that you can take and get printed at the print shop of your choice.

Do you offer short-run production services?

No. I only offer sampling for the purpose of fitting and testing patterns. I do not offer cut & sew services for colorways, salesman samples, or production orders.

Do I have to have my final fabric picked out before working with you?

Yes. I recommend that you use final fabric for fit samples as different fabrics can change the fit of a design significantly. If your final fabric is not available yet, a close alternative fabric may be used for the first fit sample. Please talk with me before purchasing alternate fabric. 

If you need help picking out a fabric that will work for your design, my Design & Fabric Consultation might be a good starting point for you.

Who provides fabric and materials for the fit samples?

You provide all materials except for thread and interfacing for your samples.

My product idea is special – will you sign an NDA?

In general, no. There is no need to. I’m in the business of helping your fashion brand succeed, not stealing your design ideas. The fashion industry is small and I wouldn’t still be in business if I had that kind of reputation.

So why work with me?

  • I specialize only in women’s apparel which means I have a keen knowledge about fitting for this market.
  • I have 10+ years experience developing and making patterns for women’s apparel.
  • I have helped dozens of brands successfully communicate their design ideas to their factory and I know what cut & sew factories need to make a production run successful.
  • I provide all prices to you upfront so you can plan each style profitably from the start. 
  • I won’t push your project off to junior employees or an account manager. You’ll always have direct access to my expertise so your vision doesn’t get lost in translation. 
  • I love working with entrepreneurs that are new to the fashion industry! I know people who are new to this industry have alot of questions about how things work and what to expect and I’m happy to answer them as well as provide you with resources to grow in your fashion business knowledge.

Ready to get started?

I book projects on a first come, first served basis with priority given to current clients. Reserve your spot on my calendar now to make sure your deadlines and launch dates are met.