HF#1 “Documentaries Made Me Do It” with Jessica Conick of Mount Indigo

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HF#1 "Documentaries Made Me Do It" with Jessica Conick of Mount Indigo

After watching the fashion documentary “The True Cost”, Jessica couldn’t “un-see” the facts about the impact of the fashion industry on the world. That began her journey to examine her own relationship with fashion and eventually start her brand, Mount Indigo, to spread awareness and advocate for a more sustainable fashion future.

Jessica currently splits her time between a corporate job in fashion as the Associate Manager of Brand Marketing for Soft Surroundings, a volunteer position as the Regional Director for Fashion Group International of Saint Louis, and growing her sustainable fashion startup brand, Mount Indigo. She specializes in fashion marketing and public relations and is very passionate about creating a more sustainable fashion industry.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How watching a documentary about the impact of the fashion industry on our world prompted Jessica to start a sustainable brand
  • What she did to start the brand and how she had to shift her vision to stay true to her mission
  • How she decided what products would go in her launch collection
  • How customer feedback is informing her messaging and sales pitch
  • Why having colleagues and friends to bounce ideas off of is so important
  • How she juggles a full-time day job, volunteering for a professional non-profit, and her start-up
  • How her sustainability research and brand launch have impacted her own buying habits

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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