HF#14 Growing A Fashion Brand Where Representation Matters with Vanessa Acosta of Wasi Clothing

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HF#14 Growing A Fashion Brand Where Representation Matters with Vanessa Acosta of Wasi Clothing

In this episode, Vanessa Acosta – the Bolivian-American business woman behind Wasi Clothing shares about why representation in fashion matters, the importance of some underappreciated aspects in the industry, and how she’s overcome challenges and grown Wasi dramatically in the past year.

Vanessa is the founder of the clothing brand Wasi Clothing. She is a Bolivian American designer living in Los Angeles and trying to better the industry by bringing more diversity, more sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry.

Vanessa Acosta of Wasi Clothing

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Vanessa experienced working in the industry as a bilingual woman of color that made her want to start a fashion business that did better
  • The values that Vanessa built Wasi upon
  • The divide between how sewers and production workers are treated and the importance they actually carry within fashion
  • The meaning behind the name Wasi
  • What Vanessa’s design process looks like and how she channels the mood of society, the Wasi community, and herself to create designs that speak to what is needed in that season
  • How Vanessa stays organized and productive in her business as she wears many hats
  • How Vanessa found the sewing studio that does her production
  • How 2020 pushed Vanessa to going full-time with Wasi
  • The huge growth Wasi saw in 2020 — and the challenges that came with that growth
  • How Vanessa balances staying active and in conversation on social media about social and political issues with balance

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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