HF#17 The Quest For The Perfect Night’s Sleepwear with Alessandra Corona of River Left

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HF#17 The Quest For The Perfect Night's Sleepwear with Alessandra Corona of River Left

In episode 17, Alessandra Corona, founder and designer behind the sustainable sleepwear brand River Left, shares how her personal search for the perfect nightgown snowballed into a full-fledged fashion brand and how that sometimes-messy process has stretched her knowledge, grown her network, and even landed her in major publications less than half a year after the brand launched.

Alessandra founded River Left after realizing that the options for women’s sleepwear were either overtly sexual or unflattering. She set out to design classic sleepwear meant for women who see themselves as empowered, intellectual and discerning. The environment is at the forefront of her decision-making. Each item is intentionally designed with a timeless silhouette to be anti-fast-fashion and to last for seasons to come.

Alessandra Corona of River Left

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the personal need for a luxurious, comfortable nightgown snowballed into a whole sleepwear brand
  • How Alessandra’s background in industrial design helped her with the development and production process for apparel
  • How long the development of her first collection really took and why
  • How Alessandra’s values of sustainability and garment longevity affected her design and development choices
  • How Alessandra made the decision to turn River Left into a business instead of just a personal project
  • How Alessandra gained the confidence to learn new things for her business
  • How Alessandra reached out to people in her network for mentorship and help with the things she didn’t know how to do
  • What Alessandra did to educate herself on fabrics
  • How River Left got featured in Vogue and Fast Company less than six months after launching.

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

  • River Left website
  • River Left email
  • River Left on Instagram
  • Alessandra on LinkedIn
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