HF#19 Giving Yourself Grace As A Fashion Business Owner with Bria Evans of 31|25 the Label

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HF#19 Giving Yourself Grace As A Fashion Business Owner with Bria Evans of 31|25 the Label

Bria Evans, the owner and designer of 31|25 THE LABEL, joins me in episode 19 to share what she’s learned about running a fashion business, staying grounded in her purpose, and how she’s giving herself grace in the process.

31|25–THE LABEL is a Women’s clothing brand where all garments are made-to-order. Bria’s been designing since the age of 10 and went on to pursue an educational career at the Art Institute of Dallas. She graduated in 2016 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. 

In 2017, Evans launched Dignified Women’s Apparel where she primarily catered to high school girls looking for custom prom dresses. In 2018, she received an invitation to show a collection in New York Fashion Week September 2019. 

After showing her first collection as a label, Evans decided it was time for a brand refresh and she relaunched as 31|25–THE LABEL in June 2020. Currently, she is working on more items to release for her Spring/Summer 2021 collection. 

Bria Evans of 31|25 THE LABEL

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Bria started her business
  • Why she rebranded in 2020 in order to grow her business on her own terms
  • What Bria’s doing now as a solo business owner to prepare for adding team members in future
  • Why Bria’s been going back to the basics of the design and development process
  • How Bria gives herself grace and space to learn and grow as a solo business owner
  • Why it’s important to have hobbies that don’t look like your work
  • How Bria batches her work and creates a routine to keep her days interesting
  • How to ask for feedback and accept criticism constructively

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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