HF#3 Taking a Niche Fit to New Heights with Taylor McCleneghan of Taylor Tall

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How Fitting
HF#3 Taking a Niche Fit to New Heights with Taylor McCleneghan of Taylor Tall

Taylor is the co-founder and lead designer at Taylor Tall. For tall women seeking clothing thoughtfully sized to fit them, Taylor Tall is a consciously crafted clothing line that designs and produces timeless basics, customized for a true fit.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why she chose such a narrow niche for her target market and why that was initially a scary decision
  • The reason why a niche target market makes brands more successful
  • How defining your target market influences design and technical design – not just marketing
  • What competitive research Taylor did before perfecting her brand’s fit
  • The specific fit problems Taylor Tall solves
  • Who she got to be the brand’s fit model
  • What Taylor did at the beginning of her brand to lay the foundation for when her brand grew
  • How Taylor got into fair trade manufacturing
  • Why Taylor’s so glad to have had experience working in production management at a previous job
  • What things Taylor’s realized contribute to great factory partnerships
  • How NOT to handle issues during pre-production and sampling
  • Why Taylor and her husband chose “consciously crafted” as a brand pillar and what that means for their business and production
  • What inspires Taylor Tall designs

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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