HF#48 The Power of Getting Dressed with Ashley Alt of Valt

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HF#48 The Power of Getting Dressed with Ashley Alt of Valt

In episode 48, Ashley Alt shares her story of how getting dressed helped her feel more like herself after a time of difficult mental health, and how she’s now started a fashion brand, Valt, to help other women do the same and find joy in dressing up.

Ashley is a writer + fashion designer based in Connecticut. Her written work has been featured in Forbes, POPSUGAR, and many more, where she discusses trends in mental health and wellness. She started her clothing line — a vibrant collection of one-piece wonders for the posh socialite — to show women the incredible power that dressing up has on their mindset health. As a mom of two, she knows how essential prioritizing your social life is!

Ashley Alt of Valt on How Fitting podcast episode 48

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Ashley discovered the power of getting dressed
  • The meaning fashion has for Ashley
  • How Ashley communicates the deeper meaning of clothing
  • Why Ashley started Valt
  • How to be vulnerable as a brand in order to create community
  • The first steps Ashley took to start her brand
  • How Ashley found her seamstress and technical designer
  • The biggest thing Ashley’s learned from running her brand
  • What Ashley’s most proud of about Valt

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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