HF#79 Thoughtful Style that Petite Women Want to Wear with Jenna Loyal of Pro Hac Vice

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HF#79 Thoughtful Style that Petite Women Want to Wear with Jenna Loyal of Pro Hac Vice

In episode 79, hear how Jenna Loyal, the founder of Pro Hac Vice, has created a fashion-forward brand that petite women actually want to wear – all while working a full-time day job. With thoughtful fit, feminine details, and quality fabrics, Pro Hac Vice serves style in just the right proportions.

Jenna Loyal is the founder of Pro Hac Vice, a New York City based clothing brand for petite women, 5’4” and under. Pro Hac Vice makes well-fitting clothing with feminine silhouettes, unexpected details, and high-quality fabrics. Jenna’s greatest passion for the brand is to make clothes that petite women will actually be excited to wear.

Jenna Loyal of Pro Hac Vice on the How Fitting podcast episode 79

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Jenna struggled with as a petite woman that made her start her own petite fashion brand
  • Why Jenna decided not to put together a whole business plan
  • Why Jenna started her branding and social media before having any products or even designs
  • How long the process took from design to finished product
  • How Jenna decided on the two initial pieces for the Pro Hac Vice collection
  • Why Jenna chose to work with a consulting agency to develop her designs instead of hiring freelancers
  • How Jenna balances a full-time legal career with running her brand
  • The skills from Jenna’s legal career background that help her in her entrepreneurial life

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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