HF#9 Debunking The Fashion Myth with Emily Harris of Mrs. Emily

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HF#9 Debunking The Fashion Myth with Emily Harris of Mrs. Emily

Emily challenges traditional fashion culture and encourages women to discover and protect the truest version of themselves…

  • By constructing wardrobes thoughtfully and responsibly over a long period of time
  • By dressing in ways appropriate to their roles to increase productivity
  • By working through image insecurities as a method of facing larger self-esteem issues 

Emily creates comfortable, washable skirts that allow women to transition through their many roles, as she transitions through her roles of mother, wife and entrepreneur. 

  • Her original patterns are drawn by hand
  • Her fabrics are sourced responsibly 
  • Her skirts are sewn in her home studio

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Emily started a fashion brand in the first place
  • The iterative process Emily goes through to make her skirts fit women of all sizes
  • The lies that fashion culture tells us and what Emily is doing to debunk those myths
  • Emily’s vision for her dream retail concept
  • Emily’s experience starting to work with a fair trade factory on a new accessory project
  • What fuels Emily as an entrepreneur
  • The silver lining of a time of slow social media growth
  • Emily’s tips for styling a skirt with weather appropriate footwear
  • How Emily used zero waste fashion to start a conversation about zero waste lives on her Instagram

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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