Production Pattern Package

Production Pattern Package - digital, graded women's apparel patterns made to your brand's fit and sizing specs.

Do you need patterns made to your brand’s fit and sizing specs?

Picture having patterns that not only stay consistent to your brand’s spec and sizing, but fit so well that your customers are feeling like their best selves, coming back for more, and telling all their friends about your brand.

Do you want greater consistency and control over your brand’s patterns?

Imagine having all the patterns for your styles in-house so you aren’t tied to one factory and can easily counter-source with different vendors without sacrificing fit consistency.

Does your team need an experienced patternmaker help to meet development deadlines?

How would you like having a go-to patternmaker who can help keep your collection on track each season?

The Production Pattern Package is for brands that already have a full tech pack with graded spec and are planning on working with their factory for sampling. We’ll talk about your target customer and design intent and then I’ll create a factory-ready pattern to the spec you provide. You’ll get an expert pair of eyes reviewing the design spec and obsessing over the fit at each step. I’ll catch any discrepancies before production and make sure the the pattern fits so well, your customers will feel like the garment was made just for her. Once complete, you’ll receive all the native and production graded pattern files so you stay in control of your brand’s technical foundation.

The Production Pattern Package includes:

digital dress pattern

Digital pattern (with 2 rounds of updates included) that not only meets your spec, but is thoughtfully drafted to fit your customer

Size grading so you can offer your design in a range of sizes and sell to a broader audience.

pattern grading
production pattern files DXF + RUL

Production-ready pattern files that can be sent straight to your factory for sampling or production.


Pricing is between $850-$1,850 USD per style depending on the product type. Let’s talk about what you are making and then I can send you a proposal specific to your project or collection.

Let’s talk about your project and goals and see if my services are a good fit for your business.

The call is free and there’s no commitment to work together. 

You might be wondering:

What do I need to provide to you?

In order to create your pattern and make it fit, I will need the following from you:

  • A full tech pack that includes an accurate flat sketch, technical callouts for desired seams, hems, and finishes (including lining construction if applicable), and graded spec
  • A technical description or swatch of the final fabric(s) for the style
  • Measurements of your fit model (not required, but nice to have as a reference if available)

What if I don’t have a tech pack?

If you don’t have a full tech pack, I can create one for you – see my tech pack package for more details. If you are looking for start-to-finish development of your designs from sketch to factory-ready, my pattern & development package may be a better fit for you (it includes a tech pack and pattern as well as fit sampling).

What is the turn-around time?

The timeline varies based on the number of styles we are working on simultaneously, but typically patterns take 3-4 weeks once I’ve received your tech packs. Tighter deadlines can sometimes be accommodated – please message me about my availability.

Who will own the rights to the patterns you draft for me?

If you’ve paid in full, you own the rights to your patterns and can take them wherever you wish. 

Why should I have you make my patterns instead of having the factory do them?

Whether you work with your factory on patterns is ultimately up to you, but here are a few benefits my clients have experienced from working with me to make their patterns instead of the factory:

  • Greater control over fit
  • Increased size and fit consistency
  • Quicker turn-around
  • Full ownership of pattern files (I give you all the source and production files)
  • Flexibility to work with multiple factories and easily counter-source

How do I know that my factory will be able to open the type of pattern files you provide?

Every factory I have worked with has been able to open a DXF file (kind of the PDF of the computer aided drafting world) – even if they have a different CAD system than I do. If for some reason your factory prefers another format, I am able to export to multiple other formats as well. 

What CAD patternmaking program do you use?

I work in Optitex for pattern drafting and grading and can provide the native PDS files in addition to the AAMA formatted DXF/rul files.

Do you provide paper patterns?

I do not. Only the digital pattern is included.

My product idea is special – will you sign an NDA?

In general, no. There is no need to. I’m in the business of helping your fashion brand succeed, not stealing your design ideas. The fashion industry is small and I wouldn’t still be in business if I had that kind of reputation.

So why work with me?

  • I specialize only in women’s apparel which means I have a keen knowledge about fitting for this market.
  • I have 10+ years experience developing and making patterns for women’s apparel.
  • I have helped dozens of brands successfully communicate their design ideas to their factory and I know what factories need to make a production run successful.
  • I provide all prices to you upfront so you can plan each style profitably from the start. 

Ready to get started?

I book projects on a first come, first served basis with priority given to current clients. Reserve your spot on my calendar now to make sure your deadlines and launch dates are met.