Women’s Dresses Graded Spec Chart Template 1X-6X

Women's Dresses 1X-6X graded spec chart template

$75 USD

Does the thought of pouring over a spreadsheet of numbers make you question why you went into this business?

Imagine being able to put together a graded spec chart with just a tape measure, sample garment, and less than 15 minutes of time – no math involved!

Have you ever felt in the dark about your sizing and nervous that the quality is out of your control?

Imagine being in control of your sizing.

Are you wanting to extend your size range to be more size-inclusive, but you’re not sure how to get the sizes right?

Imagine extending your size range confidently.

Is your factory asking what sizes you want to make and you’re not sure what to say because numbers aren’t your thing?

Imagine feeling like a real fashion boss being able to provide your factory with a professional graded spec sheet.

This graded spec chart template is the tool you need to quickly and confidently DIY your graded spec charts. Make those days spent staring cross-eyed at a spreadsheet, second-guessing yourself, and alternating between venting your frustration at your computer and your business partner a thing of the past. With this template, all you have to do is type in your sample/base size measurements and watch the other size specs appear automatically. If you ever make an update to your sample size measurements, all other sizes will update with it. This template is best for designers who are working with a factory on development or who are looking for sizing guidance to apply to their own patterns or give to a grader.

This graded spec chart template includes:

  • Excel document with pre-loaded grading formulas (in inches)
  • Sizes 1X-6X (which correspond roughly to US women’s sizes 16/18W-38W)
  • Choose from an 1X, 2X, or 3X sample size (size 2X sample size recommended)
  • 22 common points of measure for dresses
  • How to measure guide and points of measure illustration

Which means you’ll get:

  • An easy-to-use template that does all the math for you
  • 6 sizes calculated (and updated) whenever you type in your sample measurements
  • Confidence that your sizing is based on measurement data of real women
  • All the basic size specifications you need to give your factory or pattern grader
  • Easy-to-follow written and visual instructions so you can measure your sample size measurements accurately

$75 USD

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You might be wondering:

Does this template work for all types of designs?

This template will work for many dress designs. It is best for dresses with darted bodices made of woven fabric or knits with minimal stretch (less than 5% spandex/lycra content). Styles that are made to be very fitted and tight to the body like shapewear are not ideal for this template. The template includes all the common points of measure needed for a dress. However, if your design has special design features, ruffles, etc. you will probably want to work with your patternmaker/grader to add additional points of measure specific to your additional design details.

Does this template work for petite or tall sizing?

Yes, the grading formulas assume that your customer won’t grow in height as she grows in size. This means that if the sample you input your base size measurements from is a petite or tall fit, the other sizes will be sized for petite or tall as well.

What size sample garment do I need?

I recommend using a size 2X sample garment to take your measurements from. The template also allows you to use an 1X or 3X  sample size if that is what you need.

What if I don’t need all the sizes in this template?

You can delete the unused columns (just save a copy of the full template first!) so your spec sheet shows just the sizes you need.

What if I need more sizes than what are included in this template?

If you are running missy sizes as well as plus sizes, purchase both this template and the XXS-XXL dresses graded spec chart template. I always recommend fitting in two sizes (giving you two sample sizes) when you are running a broad size range. You’ll get a much better fit that way.

Do I need to get a size run of garments before going into production with this graded spec sheet?

Yes, I strongly advise that you always get a size run of your design to test the fit before you order production. This template is to be used as a starting point for your grading and sizing. You may find that the sizing works just great as is, but you may find you want to make a few adjustments for your specific design or target customer before ordering bulk production.

If I get this graded spec chart template, do I still need to get my sample-size pattern graded?

Yes, you’ll still need to have your pattern graded (I offer grading services if you are interested in working with me). This template will allow you to create graded specifications across all common points of measure. This graded spec can then be given to your factory or patternmaker/grader to create your pattern in each size.

Will I be able to edit the graded spec sheet template myself?

Yes! The file is an excel sheet and you will be able to input your base/sample size measurements and watch the other size specs fill in automatically. If you want, you can even adjust the grade formulas. I recommend that you work with a professional patternmaker/grader if you do want to customize the grade formulas.

So why do I know about women’s size grading?

  • I specialize only in women’s apparel which means I have a keen knowledge about fitting for this market.
  • I have 10+ years experience developing, making patterns, and grading for women’s apparel.
  • I’ve helped dozens of brands big and small define their sizing to get a better fit for every size.

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