Creating A Size Chart with Representation with Og Ajibe of Oge Ajibe

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Creating A Size Chart with Representation with Og Ajibe of Oge Ajibe

In episode 93, Oge Ajibe talks about what she’s learned (and where she’s learned) about inclusive fit and fashion business. After 6 years and multiple pivots in business, Oge has slowly created her own way to make sustainable, comfortable clothes that fit no matter your size. She’s uniquely created Oge Ajibe’s size chart, figured out pricing, stayed visible online, and she has big plans for the future of her brand.

Oge Ajibe is a company that educates consumers on portraying themselves across all aspect, of fashion. Our inclusive, sustainable apparel, all handcrafted in Canada, provides our customers with a unique sense of comfort and confidence.

Og Ajibe of Oge Ajibe on the How Fitting podcast episode 93

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How fashion school did (and did not) prepare her for fashion business
  • What Oge did to build her confidence in the quality of her work
  • How Oge’s business evolved over the years
  • Why Oge thinks big brands are avoiding offering inclusive sizing even when small brands like hers can afford to do it.
  • The unique way Oge created her brand’s sizing to fit XS-5X
  • Why making custom clothing helped her RTW business
  • What Oge learned from the home sewing community
  • The journey one piece of clothing takes to get to the end customer
  • What success looks like for Oge

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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