Reaching Profitability In Fashion Business with Laura Briggs of The Shortlist

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Reaching Profitability In Fashion Business with Laura Briggs of The Shortlist

In episode 92, The Shortlist founder Laura Briggs gives us a detailed look at how her fun and cheeky petite-only brand has reached profitability. From pricing and production to business operations, Laura describes the growing pains she’s gone through and the huge milestones she’s reached as she’s scaled her 3-year-old business.

Laura was also my guest two years ago on How Fitting episode 37 where she talked about how she first started The Shortlist and what her first year of entrepreneurship looked like.

The Shortlist is a premium, limited edition petite fashion brand.

Laura Briggs of Shortlist on the How Fitting podcast episode 92

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Laura moved production from the UK to Poland
  • How many collections The Shortlist released before it became profitable
  • What the turning point was for profitability
  • What Laura is changing since realizing The Shortlist customer base is wider than she originally thought
  • The balance between innovative designs and familiar basics
  • How The Shortlist has built exceptional loyalty and repeat business from its customers
  • Laura’s genius system for celebrating how far the business has come at each step
  • The rollercoaster of launch day and what Laura is doing to minimize the challenges
  • How Laura balances sharing her personal entrepreneur story and The Shortlist brand voice in her marketing and copywriting
  • Laura’s plan for scaling The Shortlist this year
  • How Laura’s long-term goal for The Shortlist drives her decisions now

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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