HF#29 Equality, Power, and Functional Pockets For All with Kimberly Borges and Miriam McDonald of PWR WMN

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HF#29 Equality, Power, and Functional Pockets For All with Kimberly Borges and Miriam McDonald of PWR WMN

In episode 29, best friends and PWR WMN co-founders Kimberly Borges and Miriam McDonald share how they started a blazer company to “decorate the confidence” of working women – no matter what that work looks like – and to encourage women to wear their femininity with power and, of course, plenty of pockets.

PWR WMN was created by two best friends who wanted a simple thing: pockets in our blazers. We grew tired of never having the tools we needed to be 100% ready for business at all times, because we never had the pockets for those tools. We wanted clothes that helped us portray ourselves like the Power Women we are, but also helped us close that deal because we were ready, so we created PWR WMN. Our clothes don’t hide your femininity to make you look strong or business-like, they highlight the strength our femininity brings to the table, and the extra pockets don’t hurt either!

Kimberly Borges and Miriam McDonald of PWR WMN on the How Fitting podcast episode 29.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How college friends Kimberly and Miriam went from car sales to starting a fashion brand together
  • Why Kimberly and Miriam felt like their work clothes were holding them back and what they decided to do about it
  • How our clothing reflects our power
  • How they decided on blazers as PWR WMN’s focus
  • How Kimberly and Miriam designed and developed their first PWR WMN collection when neither of them had a background in design
  • How they found their factory
  • Where they got the courage to start a business in an industry they knew nothing about
  • Why Kimberly and Miriam aren’t afraid to fail
  • How motherhood and being a stay-at-home-mom changed Kimberly’s viewpoint
  • How to have the confidence to call yourself a founder or business owner
  • What it’s like being best friends and co-founders

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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