For The Love Of Design and Custom Bridal with Janna Volmert of JM Couturière

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How Fitting
For The Love Of Design and Custom Bridal with Janna Volmert of JM Couturière

In episode 36, Janna Volmert of JM Couturière walks us through her journey in custom bridal and how the experience is special and significant for both her and her clients. 

JM Couturière is a bridal and formalwear design service offering custom gown design, re-design, and intense alterations. Utilizing couture and commercial techniques, JM Couturière can make your dream gown a reality or perfect an existing gown. 

Janna, owner/designer, holds a Fashion Design and Product Development Degree from Stephens College and has been creating gowns for 10+ years for a wide range of clients.

Janna Volmert of JM Couturière on How Fitting podcast episode 36

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Janna’s background in the bridal industry
  • Why Janna initially got burnt out in fashion and took a mundane desk job
  • How Janna’s love for design spurred her to get back into fashion as a side business
  • The significance of custom-made clothing 
  • The misconception most people have about custom bridal
  • The step-by-step process that Janna takes her clients through to make a custom gown
  • Janna’s tips for making sure her and her clients are on the same page about the dress they have envisioned
  • What made Janna take the leap to start her own bridal business
  • Where there might be value in designs that don’t sell well
  • How Janna knew it was time to quit her day job
  • The client reaction that makes all the time and effort worth it

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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