HF#38 Using Your Gifts To Create A Brand Image with Marquita Chanel L’Vena Collection

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HF#38 Using Your Gifts To Create A Brand Image with Marquita Chanel L’Vena Collection

In episode 38, Marquita Chanel of L’Vena Collection shares how she curates her brand image and makes a statement with her handmade jewelry and refashioned vintage creations while staying true to who she is.

Marquita Chanel is the owner of Intended Images, LLC which focuses on bringing out the very best in women in regards to image, self-presentation, and personal style. Her clientele consists of women in leadership, C-suite, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, etc.

Marquita is also the owner of L’Vena Collection, LLC, a custom handmade jewelry business named after her late sister LaVena (Angel) Gates.  Every piece of jewelry in the collection is named after a woman that was influential in Angel’s and Marquita’s life. L’Vena Collection is not just about fabulous handcrafted jewelry, it’s about celebrating the accomplishments and beauty of women. In September 2019, L’Vena Collection expanded its product base to include re-worked vintage, handmade, and sourced clothing. Women that wear pieces from L’Vena Collection make powerful statements without speaking.

Marquita Chanel is a graduate of Webster University with a M.A. in Management & Leadership.  She received her B.S. in Business Administration from Harris-Stowe State University.

In addition to her businesses, Marquita Chanel is a Lead IT Program Manager for the Next NGA West Program, a $2 billion dollar construction project in St. Louis City. People are always stunned when she tells them that! They always say, “You’re in IT? You should be in New York or Chicago working in fashion!” Her response is, “I’d rather use my gifts at home and then share them with the world.” It is her goal to contribute to St. Louis being the fashion hub that it once was! The movement has begun, and she is here for it!

Marquita Chanel of L'Vena Collection on How Fitting Podcast episode 38

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Marquita got started in fashion, jewelry, and image consulting
  • Marquita’s approach to style
  • Marquita’s go-to wardrobe staple that makes an elegant statement with any outfit
  • How Marquita sources vintage pieces to rework for her collection
  • How to know when a design is done
  • What Marquita does to overcome the fear of putting her work out there to sell
  • How Marquita has built a strong and recognizable brand with L’Vena Collection – and how that allows her to explore opportunities and creativity while staying true to her vision
  • How her faith shapes how she sees her talents and influenced her decision to start L’Vena Collection
  • Why Marquita is excited to be part of the Saint Louis fashion community

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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