HF#45 Connecting Women To The Tailor-Made Wardrobe of Their Dreams with Nathalie of Dressarte Paris

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HF#45 Connecting Women To The Tailor-Made Wardrobe of Their Dreams with Nathalie of Dressarte Paris

In episode 45, Nathalie, the founder of Dressarte Paris, shares how a busy lifestyle and an appreciation for custom-made clothes sparked the idea for a virtual atelier built on modern technology that connects clients all over the world with quality materials and bespoke designs.

Having worked as an international corporate auditor for a French company and lived across 5 different countries, Nathalie created Dressarte Paris, the first sustainable virtual atelier after realizing there might be other women out there like her, who had no time to visit a tailor but who wanted clothes customized and cut to their body measurements. 

On a day-to-day basis, she and her team make shopping more personal, sustainable, and fun. In contrast to mass-market retailers, they pay attention to every clients’ needs and help them to create their perfect wardrobe. 

Dressarte is a sustainable online couture service that helps clients create their dream clothes (physical and digital) in the comfort of their home by enabling 3D, AR and virtual measurements taking. Dressarte was featured by Forbes, FashionUnited and named top 10 startups disrupting the fashion industry.

Nathalie of Dressarte Paris on How Fitting podcast episode 45

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Nathalie’s personal experience that sparked the idea for Dressarte
  • What the customer experience is like getting a custom garment made with Dressarte
  • Why technology makes the Dressarte experience more connected and personal
  • How Dressarte uses 3D and AR technology in their business
  • How Dressarte is able to scale the traditional tailor-made process
  • The extra value Dressarte offers to their clients with their service
  • How Nathalie sources high-end materials at one-off quantities
  • Why Dressarte localizes production as much as possible
  • The challenges of producing made-to-measure
  • What happened when Dressarte dipped their toe into the NFT market with an AR wedding gown collection

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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