HF#46 Designing with Compassion and Empathy with Sharae Averhart of MoraRae

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How Fitting
HF#46 Designing with Compassion and Empathy with Sharae Averhart of MoraRae

In episode 46, Sharae Averhart, the designer and business owner behind the plus-size petite fashion brand MoraRae, shares the role fashion has played in her life and career and how through all her experience, she has learned to approach fashion design with compassion, empathy, and problem solving.

Sharae Averhart of MoraRae on How Fitting podcast episode 46

Hi! I’m Sharae, the owner and designer behind the petite plus size, sustainable womenswear line, MoraRae. I am a designer of all trades & have been designing and sewing from the moment I first jammed up my mother’s sewing machine at 8 years old. 

Since then, my innate creativity has propelled me to always keep moving forward and to design the life I love. Life has been heavy and dark days have dawned but I choose to focus on the light in the world and that was & is, my sister, Shamora. 

The culmination of all my experiences, education and passions have come together here as MoraRae. I am honored to be able to use my gifts to give something meaningful to the world while also putting the planet and her people first.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why understanding construction and patternmaking has made Sharae a better designer
  • The biggest thing Sharae learned from her fashion jobs that has helped her in starting her own brand
  • Why Sharae fell in love with fashion design
  • The business model that MoraRae operates on that aims to reduce waste
  • Why Sharae decided to focus on clothing for plus size petite women
  • What Sharae does before she designs and makes anything
  • How Sharae approaches design with compassion and empathy – and how that affects her business
  • How Sharae learned to ask and accept feedback on her designs and work without taking it personally
  • The role fashion has played in Sharae’s journey of self-love
  • The story behind the name MoraRae and what it means to Sharae

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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