HF#51 Sewing Clothes to Keep Short Women From Being Overlooked with Miranda Sam of Shortlisted

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HF#51 Sewing Clothes to Keep Short Women From Being Overlooked with Miranda Sam of Shortlisted

In episode 51, Miranda Sam walks us through her decision to discover a new side of fashion by learning industrial sewing before starting her fashion brand made specifically for short women –  Shortlisted. Discover how the experience is changing the way she views fashion! 

“When we talk about body inclusivity these days, we’re most likely talking about normalizing plus size. What tends to be left out in conversation is a need for diversity in height-appropriate clothing, as well as body shapes. Miranda Sam is the founder of Shortlisted, a responsible clothing brand for women measuring 5’4 and under. Her goal is to bring comfortable and elevated looks to short women of all sizes.”

Miranda Sam of Shortlisted on How Fitting podcast episode 51

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Miranda felt was missing from her career in fashion sales and marketing
  • The challenges of being a short woman in the fitting room and in life
  • Why Miranda is starting her brand by taking intensive industrial sewing classes
  • How learning to sew has changed the way Miranda sees fashion
  • How being able to sew has made her a more confident designer and a better communicator
  • The values that guide Shortlisted
  • The difference Miranda wants Shortlisted clothes to make in the lives of the women who wear them
  • How her previous career is helping her in her new entrepreneurial journey of starting a fashion brand
  • Why decision-making is Miranda’s biggest challenge and also the thing she’s most proud of

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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