HF#52 Telling an Imaginative Story Through Specialty Childrenswear with Claire Thomas-Morgan of Vivi Design Studio

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HF#52 Telling an Imaginative Story Through Specialty Childrenswear with Claire Thomas-Morgan of Vivi Design Studio

In episode 52, discover how Claire Thomas-Morgan weaves exploration and imagination into her high-end childrenswear line Vivi Design Studio and how her business has grown into its unique identity over the years.

Claire Thomas-Morgan started out in fashion in the early 2000s, earning her BFA in fashion design from Washington University in St. Louis and MFA in fashion merchandising from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Thomas-Morgan has worked as a women’s wear designer and buyer, visual merchandiser for J.Crew, and currently has her own children’s wear line, Vivi Design Studio. 

Vivi was launched as an homage to Thomas-Morgan’s grandmother, Vivian, who taught her all about living life not only fashionably but fully. Thomas-Morgan aims to elevate children’s wear to a realm of thought-provoking, creatively classic, and everlasting design, while fostering discovery, acceptance, and expression of self. Her goals are to open children’s fashion to a more emotionally connected, intelligent, and artistic environment that allows healthy self exploration and expression.

Claire Thomas-Morgan of Vivi Design Studio on How Fitting podcast episode 52

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Claire started a children’s line
  • The skills Claire has used the most from the graphic design and photography major she started and the fashion design and merchandising masters she ended up getting
  • The role of fashion in growing up and self-discovery
  • How Claire weaves imagination and exploration into Vivi Design Studio collections
  • The power of storytelling for Vivi Design Studio
  • Why Claire started offering adult clothing in her children’s line
  • How Claire approaches designing and fitting growing kids
  • What Claire does to prepare for an impactful runway show
  • How Vivi Design Studio settled into its specialty childrenswear niche
  • Why the balance between creativity and commerciality hasn’t really been an issue for Vivi Design Studio

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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