HF#55 Slowing Down To “Revive All Clothing and Materials” with Laura Fisher of Revivall

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HF#55 Slowing Down To “Revive All Clothing and Materials” with Laura Fisher of Revivall

In episode 55, Laura Fisher of Revivall Clothing encourages us to slow down and get in touch with our values, our clothes, and the land around us. She shares the windy path (including a degree in Animal Science) that led her to start Revivall in 2009 and how she’s built the brand to “revive all clothing and materials”.

From Laura: “I am inspired by the women of the Wild West and the bygone era of durable clothes, warranties, and American manufacturing. I believe we can do fashion better…better for the planet…better for the people making the clothes and better for us. My passion is up-cycling and using dead stock fabrics and materials to reduce our impact on our planet. Everything is made with love and intention in Montana and Oregon.”

“My mission is to create well made, flattering, and wearable styles that will become staples of your wardrobe. These treasures are meant to be part of your story, part of your memories, part of your life. I care about you and am honored to be part of your story. We are a team. We are a community. We are part of a RevivALL and it’s truly a blessing that we’ve found each other.”

“I believe in a higher power and that the Divine works through me. I am part of the creative process, but I don’t take credit for anything that is created.”

Laura Fisher of Revivall Clothing on How Fitting podcast episode 55
Photo by: @40watt_

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Laura found the group of women who are the ideal customers for Revivall
  • How Revivall clothing encourages a slower way of life
  • How Laura has built a business and life that aligns with her personal values
  • Why there’s more to confidence than beauty
  • How strength and femininity can coincide in clothing
  • The challenges and creative serendipity of working with deadstock and reused materials
  • Who is on Laura’s team and how she met her seamstresses
  • Why Laura’s love of sewing held her business back for years
  • What a week in Laura’s life looks like
  • The benefits of letting your creativity lead

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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