HF#56 Finding Belonging In A Wool Coat with Anna Dougherty of Anna Gray Collection

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HF#56 Finding Belonging In A Wool Coat with Anna Dougherty of Anna Gray Collection

In episode 56, Anna Dougherty shares her story of belonging as she developed – and recently launched – her NYC-locally made wool outerwear collection – Anna Gray Collection. Hear how her background in outerwear wholesale and the street she grew up on as a child came together in her launch collection.

Anna Dougherty is a New York City based designer who founded Anna Gray Collection, a women’s outerwear brand for those looking to add a little merriment, joie de vivre, and color to their lives. Anna Gray Collection pieces are ethically made in NYC. 

Anna had a wide range of experience prior to launching her brand. She majored in fashion design at Meredith College, and worked in the retail and commercial real estate industries before moving to NYC. Once in NYC, she worked for a knitwear and outerwear company learning the ins and outs of the fashion industry. After losing her job due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, Anna decided to take the leap, hire herself, and launch her brand. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Anna decided to start her brand
  • The things Anna learned in her wholesale sales job that are invaluable 
  • Why she chose outerwear as the focus of her brand
  • How Anna sources her materials
  • What her creative process looks like 
  • Why Anna chose to manufacture in NYC
  • How Anna found her factory
  • The benefits of being part of a brand accelerator program
  • How Anna overcame the fear of being vulnerable and putting her designs out there

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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Kevin Dougherty

2:25 pm December 31, 2022

Great Show! You ask great questions!

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