HF#60 Making Launching A Sustainable Fashion Brand Easier with Shannon Lohr of Factory45

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HF#60 Making Launching A Sustainable Fashion Brand Easier with Shannon Lohr of Factory45

In episode 60, sustainable fashion business school founder & CEO Shannon Lohr shares insights, practical tips, and marketing and mindset wisdom for starting a sustainable fashion brand based on her years of experience coaching successful fashion entrepreneurs through her Factory45 program.

As the Founder & CEO of Factory45, Shannon Lohr works with idea-stage entrepreneurs to launch fashion brands that are sustainably and ethically made. 

Shannon got her start in 2010 when she co-founded {r}evolution apparel, a sustainable clothing company for female travelers and minimalists that was featured in The New York Times, Forbes.com and Yahoo! News. 

Through her online business school, Factory45, Shannon has worked with over 500 entrepreneurs in the sustainable fashion space, many of whom have gone on to launch some of the most transparent supply chains in the fashion industry. 

Shannon has worked as a consultant for crowdfunding projects that have surpassed their goal amounts by as much as 300%, and has worked closely with startup apparel companies from all over the world to create ethically-made products with a focus on environmentally-friendly materials. 

Shannon is a strong advocate for increasing supply chain transparency through sourcing, localization and storytelling. She’s been named a thought leader for the future of fashion and was nominated as a “Woman of Note” by the Wall Street Journal.

Shannon Lohr of Factory45 on How Fitting podcast episode 60

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Shannon started Factory45 after seeing first hand the challenges of starting her own brand
  • What things new fashion entrepreneurs worry about that actually aren’t that important – and what to focus on instead
  • How to launch a minimum viable product to test your concept without sacrificing building a long-term business foundation
  • How to communicate your brand’s sustainability efforts in a way that won’t come across as greenwashing
  • How to work through the vulnerability of putting your designs out into the world
  • How to set your brand’s goals and values
  • The value of knowing your brand’s “why”
  • The two things in Shannon’s experience that distinguish successful fashion brands from the unsuccessful ones
  • How long it takes to launch a fashion brand
  • How Factory45 supports your sustainable fashion brand launch and beyond

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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