HF#61 Achieving Big Dreams with Danny Burke and Brandon Winslow of MADE FOR ALL

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HF#61 Achieving Big Dreams with Danny Burke and Brandon Winslow of MADE FOR ALL

In episode 61, longtime friends and Co-Founders Danny Burke and Brandon Winslow talk about how they dream big and work to achieve it. They share the story of their 7-years-in-the-making luxury streetwear brand MADE FOR ALL, the wins and challenges of running a brand, and what they’ve learned about entrepreneurship and each other along the way. 

MADE FOR ALL Co-Founder and Head of Strategy Danny Burke is a proud, disabled United States Army veteran and gay, black professional with a passion for building meaningful, disruptive businesses. Danny holds a MBA in Organizational Behavior and Marketing Management from Claremont Graduate University and a BA in Organizational Behavior Studies from Pitzer College. Danny serves as Board Chair for the globally reaching gaming media non-profit Qweerty Gamers, which advocates for underrepresented communities in game development and game media. Danny Burke has been recognized by the California House of Representatives for his community organizing and the California State Assembly for his mental health advocacy. He also has a proud track record of advocacy work in support of local HIV-service organizations and queer resource centers. 

Before co-founding MADE FOR ALL, Head of Operations Brandon Winslow built a successful career spanning the sports, entertainment, and real estate industries. As a visionary impresario of lifestyle and culture, Brandon is the founder of The Redline Group, a lifestyle agency that maximizes relationships, visibility, reachability, and manageability of luxury real estate brokerage and investments as a licensed agent with the agency. Brandon previously served as Director of Brand Management and Business Development at Roc Nation, the full-service entertainment company, providing inclusive artist and athlete management, label, publishing, touring, film and tv, and new ventures owned by Jay-Z.

MADE FOR ALL is a luxury streetwear brand designed and manufactured in the heart of the Los Angeles Fashion District. Founded in 2015 by Brandon Winslow and Danny Burke, MADE FOR ALL was born out of a shared love of minimalist style, luxury design and quality craftsmanship. More than just a brand, MADE FOR ALL is a ‘members only’ club for hardworking, dedicated dreamers committed to achieving their goals.

Brandon Winslow & Danny Burke of MADE FOR ALL on How Fitting podcast episode 61

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Danny and Bradon decided to start a luxury streetwear brand
  • Why it took 7 years to finally launch the brand
  • How Danny and Brandon divide responsibilities and support each other as co-founders
  • Tips for talking about technical information with creative-minded people
  • The lessons they learned launching and marketing their first collection
  • What the name MADE FOR ALL means
  • Why Danny and Brandon think of their brand as a club and call their customers “members”
  • How Danny and Brandon stay motivated to achieve their goals
  • The surprising part of entrepreneurship that Danny and Brandon didn’t expect
  • Why negotiation is a necessary skill for entrepreneurs
  • How Danny and Brandon communicate new designs to their seamstress and factory

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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