HF#65 The Impact Of An African-Inspired Brand with Kahindo Mateene of Kahindo

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HF#65 The Impact Of An African-Inspired Brand with Kahindo Mateene of Kahindo

In episode 65, Kahindo Mateene shares the inspiration, ethics, and inside entrepreneurial journey of her namesake label Kahindo. With a focus on African textiles, her business is built to empower the women who wear her clothes and the women who make them. 

KAHINDO is a New York based ethical fashion brand that is inspired by our founder’s Congolese heritage and African upbringing and ethically Made in Africa using fair trade practices. KAHINDO is a celebration of the legacy and natural beauty of Africa. Our one-of-a-kind prints and dynamic color palettes are an ode to the continent’s rich culture and heritage and offer a fresh reinterpretation of traditional African fashion. Each piece is a wearable luxury that allows today’s adventurous woman to express her individuality in her own unique style.

At KAHINDO we believe that making conscious, responsible decisions today will create a better future for everyone. In fashion, sustainability is about much more than fabrics and material sourcing—it also extends to the people who create products and the fairness of the practices that surround their work. As part of our commitment to ethics and sustainability, we exclusively use ethically sourced materials and are devoted to fair-trade production practices. In addition, we are actively working to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which include gender equality, climate action, access to quality education, and elimination of poverty.

Kahindo Mateene of Kahindo on How Fitting episode 65

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Kahindo went back to fashion school and started a brand
  • How Kahindo brings inspiration from African fashion into her collections
  • The importance of print and color in Kahindo’s design process
  • Kahindo’s tips for trying out more print and color in your wardrobe if you’re not usually a print person
  • How Kahindo got her line into Rent The Runway and Nully and why they passed on the first collection she showed them
  • Why Kahindo moved all her production to her hometown in the DR of Congo and Kenya 
  • How even small brands can have a big impact
  • How Kahindo turned a defeating elimination from Project Runway into motivation to get her brand to where it is today
  • The effect having another full-time job versus being full-time with her brand has had on her business

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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