HF#66 The Raw Truth Behind Fuller-Busted Sports Bras with Lizzie Gordon of B.X.M.

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HF#66 The Raw Truth Behind Fuller-Busted Sports Bras with Lizzie Gordon of B.X.M.

In episode 66, hear how Lizzie Gordon started a fashion brand making sports bras for bigger boobs after years of thinking “some bigger brand will be the one to make this”. Personally understanding the challenges women face trying to find sports bras in larger cup sizes, Lizzie set out to solve those challenges and she shares what she’s learned about being a business owner in the fashion industry in this episode.

Lizzie  started working on B.X.M in 2020, with absolutely zero experience in both running a business and fashion/manufacturing. Meaning she had a  steep learning curve/crash course in how to build a sustainable fuller bust sportswear brand. 

She is originally from Scotland, just outside Glasgow, and moved down to London in 2013 to start an internship at a small design agency. Lizzie now lives in South East London with her partner and their dog Murdo.

Life outside of B.X.M is relatively quiet, Lizzie  sings in a choir every week and they do some performances every few months. Apart from that, she dabbles in a bit of weightlifting in the gym and has recently got into cold water swimming in the local lake. 

Lizzie Gordan of B.X.M. on the How Fitting podcast episode 66

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The assumption that stopped Lizzie from starting her brand sooner
  • The research Lizzie did to test her concept and find innovative solutions
  • The must-have features Lizzie designed B.X.M. bras to include
  • The biggest business lessons Lizzie has learned since starting her brand
  • The four values that B.X.M. is built on
  • Ways B.X.M. is sustainable and ethical – and areas Lizzie is looking to improve sustainability efforts
  • Why Lizzie has no plans to expand beyond a larger cup size focus
  • How Lizzie dealt with imposter syndrome when starting a business with zero experience
  • What Lizzie did to get B.X.M. bras featured in multiple publications

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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