HF#71 Real Style (And Happiness) Has No Size with Patricia Luiza Blaj of Loud Bodies

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HF#71 Real Style (And Happiness) Has No Size with Patricia Luiza Blaj of Loud Bodies

In episode 71, Patricia Luiza Blaj shares how her own relatable struggle to find clothing in her size led her to start Loud Bodies – an ethical, sustainable, and inclusive brand that offers sizes 2XS-10XL. Patricia believes that you too deserve to be happy,  to wear beautiful clothes, and to be respected and represented by brands – and the Loud Bodies clothes and business reflect that.

Patricia Luiza Blaj is the Founder of ethical, sustainable & inclusive brand Loud Bodies, Patricia is passionate about social justice, sustainability and building a business that brings value by putting people at the heart of it. She is an advocate for garment workers’ rights as she believes there is no such thing as sustainability without the ethical treatment of all people involved.

Patricia Luiza Blaj of Loud Bodies on How Fitting podcast episode 71

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Patricia started Loud Bodies
  • Why fashion is anything but superficial
  • The values that Patricia won’t compromise on for Loud Bodies
  • The unexpected pressures of moving to a more strategic and creative role as the business owner
  • How Loud Bodies clothes get made
  • Who is on the Loud Bodies team
  • How Loud Bodies practices sustainability in the business – and what areas they want to become more sustainable in
  • What goes into designing and creating clothes for an 2XS-10XL size range
  • How Loud Bodies grew an international following and customer base
  • How many garments Loud Bodies actually sold last year

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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