HF#72 Selling Your Products Without Selling Your Soul with Elizabeth Stiles

How Fitting
How Fitting
HF#72 Selling Your Products Without Selling Your Soul with Elizabeth Stiles

This week we kick of a summer mini-series diving into the business side of fashion!

In episode 72, fashion brand consultant Elizabeth Stiles shares her expertise on selling your fashion products without selling your soul. We talk about getting into a sales mindset that isn’t sleazy and practical tips on how, when, and where to sell so that you can make money doing what you love.

Elizabeth Stiles is a fashion & textiles brand consultant with 15 years experience in the retail industry working with the likes of Next, New Look, River Island & Urban Outfitters as a buyer & sales manager.

She’s incredibly passionate about helping creatives make more money in their business via online courses focused on selling & visibility.

For the past 3 years she has focused on launching & scaling independent brands including Olive & Frank, Megan Crosby and Lucy & Yak

Elizabeth Stiles a Fashion Brand Consultant on the How Fitting podcast episode 72

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Elizabeth learned about selling from her jobs in buying for a retailer and sales for a supplier
  • The common fears around selling that so many independent designers have
  • How to sell without being sleazy
  • Why it is important to know the customer (or buyer) before selling to them
  • What designers need to stop worrying about when it comes to sales
  • How sales and marketing differ
  • The three types of marketing platforms you need for your business
  • How often you should be selling
  • What to talk about when you are not selling
  • How to generate interest in your products before you launch them
  • How to get over the fear of showing your face on camera

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