Setting a New Standard for Short-Stature (under 4’11”) Fashion with Chamiah Dewey of Chamiah Dewey Fashion

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Setting a New Standard for Short-Stature (under 4’11”) Fashion with Chamiah Dewey of Chamiah Dewey Fashion

In episode 76, Chamiah Dewey shares how she has built the UK’s first brand for short-statured (under 4’11”) people with empathy, diversity, inclusivity, and style at the forefront. Hear how she’s overcome the challenges of creating a whole new standard for fit and sizing – and the difference it has made in peoples’ lives.

Chamiah Dewey is the founder and CEO of Chamiah Dewey Fashion, the UK’s first clothing brand for short stature people, measuring under 150cm tall. She is an advocate in the disability, equality and inclusion conversation and freelance as a disability trainer and keynote speaker in the field. Chamiah began her career in the adaptive fashion industry while studying at London College of Fashion, she created and grew her brand alongside her studies, and for the past year, has been a full time director.

Chamiah Dewey of Chamiah Dewey Fashion on the How Fitting podcast episode 76

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Chamiah started a fashion brand for short-statured people when she is average height
  • Why Chamiah spent a year on research before developing any designs for her brand
  • How Chamiah designs for diversity and inclusion within her niche market
  • Why some factories didn’t take her seriously on her first collection
  • The challenges of creating a product that differs so much from the industry standards
  • The power well-fitting clothes can have
  • The reaction Chamiah got when she launched her brand (the UK’s first brand for people under 4’ 11”)
  • The moment Chamiah is the most proud of in her business

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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