The Fat Success of Comfort and Good Fit with Marina Hayes of Peridot Robes

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How Fitting
The Fat Success of Comfort and Good Fit with Marina Hayes of Peridot Robes

In episode 77, hear how Marina Hayes has grown her successful robe and lounge brand and a community of “fat activists” to provide more comfortable and well-fitting clothing options to plus size people. After selling out the first production run in less than two days, Peridot Robes has expanded their styles, fabrics, and the difference their clothes make for people that wear them.

Marina’s entrepreneurial life began with reading The Babysitters Club at age 12 and was inspired to begin her first small business that very same year. Marina currently lives and loves in Chicago and owns 38 bathrobes. She still can’t believe she gets to wear her pajamas to work every day.

Marina Hayes of Peridot Robes on the How Fitting podcast episode 77

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why started her plus size brand with bathrobes
  • Why Peridot doesn’t work with influences or pay for ads – and what they do instead
  • How Marina finds and chooses models for Peridot product photoshoots
  • Marina’s tips for designing plus sizes that fit multiple body shapes
  • How Peridot sources its fabrics
  • The power and kindness of the Peridot community
  • How Marina balances being sustainable and paying ethical wages with offering accessible pricing
  • What is causing many big brands to fail at plus size collections
  • Why the message that the fashion industry is telling fat people is so damaging

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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