HF#82 Style Fit For The Petite Professional with Sopi Mitil of The Sopi Mitil Co.

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HF#82 Style Fit For The Petite Professional with Sopi Mitil of The Sopi Mitil Co.

In episode 82, hear how attorney-turned-designer Sopi Mitil turned her frustration with the lack of well-fitting petite professional attire into a business: The Sopi Mitil Co. The brand offers short (but not just small) women stylish, professional attire that fits curves like a glove without a trip to the tailor. 

The Sopi Mitil Co. is a fashion brand that has emerged as a beacon of empowerment and style for petite and curvy women. Founded by Sopi, a former attorney turned fashion entrepreneur, the brand was born out of her personal struggle to find stylish and professional clothing tailored to her size. Sopi’s dedication to creating a solution to this common problem has resulted in a brand that offers: inclusive sizing, personalization, fashion diversity, sustainability, luxury, empowerment, and exclusive offers. The Sopi Mitil Co. has emerged as a trailblazer in the fashion industry, addressing the long-standing issue of inclusivity for petite and curvy women. It offers a new way to embrace style and confidence, making fashion a source of empowerment for women of all sizes.

Sop Mitil of The Sopi Mitil Co. on How Fitting podcast episode 82

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Sopi disliked about the typical petite sizing
  • Where Sopi found women to participate in her customer research surveys when she first started the brand
  • The different types of petite bodies
  • Why Sopi produces her pieces in Italy
  • What Sopi looks for in a good factory and what things she’s learned are red flags to avoid
  • How Sopi’s mindset and business growth changed when she hired a team
  • The two types of people everyone needs in their support network
  • Why Sopi has a scale-up plan for her business
  • How Sopi incorporates customers’ and her team’s feedback into the designs

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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