HF#83 Powerful Impact Beyond the Clothes with Sadie Burton of FRST John

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HF#83 Powerful Impact Beyond the Clothes with Sadie Burton of FRST John

In episode 83, Sadie Burton shares her story about starting her fashion brand, FRST John, with a focus on real women, real life, and real impact on her community. Hear what she’s learned about designing, marketing, and wholesaling and the big plans she has for FRST John’s impact in the future.

FRST JOHN is a purpose-driven brand focused on designing feminine yet functional womenswear. Each collection gives you a tailor-like fit as if it were made specifically for you. Beyond the fit, our Texas-based founder and designer knew it was necessary to create not only a beautiful brand but one steeped in philanthropy. Her own experiences with abuse have driven her to lead her life with purpose and help others who have struggled with the same. A portion of every garment sold from our curated collections are donated to local women’s shelters specializing in domestic and sexual abuse. Join us in empowering women, in style.

Sadie Burton of FRST John on the How Fitting podcast episode 83

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Sadie started making her own designs after starting an online boutique
  • The ways Sadie designs for real women and real-life
  • The vulnerable story behind FRST John’s mission
  • Why philanthropy is an important part of FRST John
  • Sadie’s approach to styling and designing for FRST John
  • Why Sadie decided to focus on wholesale instead of DTC for FRST John
  • How Sadie was welcomed by other brand owners at her first trade show
  • Sadie’s experience selling FRST John at wholesale trade shows
  • The benefits of going to wholesale shows beyond taking orders
  • How Sadie is incorporating buyer feedback into her next collection
  • What FRST John’s design calendar looks like

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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