HF#84 Filling The Gap In Smart, Sustainable Closets with Sophie Kissling of UPPERCASE

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HF#84 Filling The Gap In Smart, Sustainable Closets with Sophie Kissling of UPPERCASE

In episode 84, UPPERCASE founder and designer, Sophie Kissling, tells us what she’s learned, the mistakes she’s made, and the smart choices she’s made throughout her career as a designer and personal stylist. She now weaves her experience seamlessly into smart closet services – including wardrobe edits and the UPPERCASE line that fills the gaps in sustainable wardrobes.

UPPERCASE was born as an expression of freedom. We created a collection for you to either fill in the gaps in your wardrobe or create an easy wardrobe. So you have the time to do whatever matters most to you, rest assured you are dressed for the occasion. Time is a precious thing and among other million things, time is also meant to enable a space where true dialogue within ourselves occur. 

Our wardrobe should reflect who we are and be our ally. Help us achieve our goals and dreams. So you could say we basically sell time and freedom. 

In a more personal level, it is also an expression of freedom because it was born as a means to gain financial freedom. As a divorced working mom, most of the decisions about my children’s future depended on the restrained financial situation we were at. I decided that in order to succeed in being truly independent I needed to become financially free first. 

And being a self-educated designer and stylist for so many years, it felt right to finally fully dedicate to it. In the end, the ultimate goal is always love. Love for your community and love for what you do.

Sophie Kissling of UPPERCASE on the How Fitting podcast episode 84

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Sophie learned about fashion design and sewing
  • The mistakes Sophie made with her first fashion brand and how she’s approached UPPERCASE differently
  • Why Sophie chose to base her brand in (and move to) Miami, FL
  • Tips for editing a smart and sustainable wardrobe
  • The impact Sophie wants UPPERCASE to have and what she’s doing to make that happen
  • How Sophie’s personal styling background influences how she designs for UPPERCASE
  • How long it took to start her brand from initial concept to website launch
  • How Sophie found her factory
  • Why an on-demand production model makes sense for UPPERCASE’s mission and business 

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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