Prioritizing Customer Research and Values To Shape A Modest Activewear Brand with Aja Cohen of Transcendent Active

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Prioritizing Customer Research and Values To Shape A Modest Activewear Brand with Aja Cohen of Transcendent Active

In episode 90, hear how Aja Cohen left her big corporate fashion career for a lifestyle – and fashion business – that put relationships and her values first. Transcendent Active is helping women embrace who they are and move confidently toward their goals. Her modest activewear designs aren’t just covering, but also comfortable, sustainable, and functional and are worn by more than just the modest community.

After designing fast fashion for over a decade, Aja Cohen launched an activewear brand for the woman she believed was not being spoken to in the marketplace – the modest woman.  At the time, she struggled to find modest activewear pieces that weren’t made of heavy, non-breathable fabrics or couldn’t wick sweat away properly. More importantly, she couldn’t find brands that matched her strong ethical values of sustainability and locally made.  She knew there had to be a better option for women who wanted to workout, do good for Mother Earth, and honor their religious values.  Transcendent Active was born at the height of the Covid pandemic and combines eco-conscious fashion with strong ethical values.  Made in America from recycled plastic water bottles, the brand is committed to providing women of all faiths and sizes with high-quality, sustainable activewear. The signature All Day Active collection includes skirts, exercise dresses, quarter-sleeve tops, leggings, and bike shorts. Transcendent Active believes every woman deserves clothing that supports her lifestyle and faith while fostering confidence and style through movement.

Aja Cohen of Transcendent Active on the How Fitting podcast episode 90

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The positives and negatives of Aja’s corporate career in activewear design
  • Why knowing your customer is so important
  • How Aja has built a healthy business without selling on Amazon or manufacturing overseas
  • Why the pandemic was actually a great time to start a business for Aja
  • How Aja cultivates real connections and relationships with the people she works with
  • How Aja decides her priorities and delegates the work to get it done
  • How Aja approaches the difficult decisions of hiring and firing
  • How customer research has shaped Transcendent Active’s collection
  • Transcendent Active’s sustainability efforts
  • How to stay focused on your values

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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