Resortwear That Benefits The Natural World with Janet St Cyr & Diana Kerins of Bambina Swim

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Resortwear That Benefits The Natural World with Janet St Cyr & Diana Kerins of Bambina Swim

In episode 89, hear how Janet St Cyr & Diana Kerins have created a swim and resort brand inspired by nature and travel. Learn what this mother-daughter partnership did to land a dream collaboration with a luxury resort and how they are growing their business slowly and steadily.

Bambina is a women’s swim and resortwear brand owned and operated by mother-daughter duo Janet St Cyr and Diana Kerins. Their creations blend bold, vibrant aesthetics with unparalleled comfort to ignite confidence and happiness in those who wear them.

They’re committed to keeping production right here in the USA and their collections are sewn at a women-owned factory in the heart of New York City’s garment district.  From how they source materials to how they manufacture and package their products, they’re always learning and seeking out the most Earth-friendly ways to bring their collections to you. 

Bambina’s new resortwear launch for Summer ‘24 – The  Cardamom Collection, includes a beachwear robe and sarong featuring a custom print inspired by the endangered species of the Cardamom Rainforest in Cambodia. A percentage of proceeds from every sale will go towards The Wildlife Alliance to protect these beautiful and vulnerable creatures.

Janet St Cyr & Diana Kerins of Bambina Swim on the How Fitting podcast episode 89

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How nature, the environment, and travel inspire Bambina Swim collections
  • What it is like working as a remote mother-daughter partnership
  • Why Bambina business started out sporadic and what changed for Janet and Diana to take it more seriously
  • What Janet and Diana look for and design in a quality garment
  • Why Janet and Diana are intentionally growing the business slowly
  • How Bambina gets its funding
  • How Janet and Diana landed a collaboration with a luxury resort to stock their recent collection
  • What Diana and Janet’s goals are for the future of Bambina

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Get 10% off at with code: HOWFITTING
  • Bambina Swim website
  • Bambina Swim Instagram

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