HF#31 Embracing the Bodies of Strong-Shouldered Women with Daron Linton of Broads the Label

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HF#31 Embracing the Bodies of Strong-Shouldered Women with Daron Linton of Broads the Label

In episode 31, Broads the Label founder Daron Linton shares how she turned a life-long clothing struggle into a fashion business.

Daron Linton spent most of her life thinking that sleeves are bullshit. A sleeved shirt, dress, or jacket has meant a day of tugging, puckering, and restriction all because genetics (and a love for being active) handed her a pair of wider-than-average shoulders. 

Having lived in 4 season climates her whole life, cutting sleeves out and only wearing tank tops was not an option, so living with uncomfortable and unflattering clothing was inevitable – that is until Broads the Label was born. 

More than anything, Broads the Label embraces the bodies of strong-shouldered women. All of our clothing is tailored to women who always find themselves frustrated with the fit of the shoulders on a typical sleeved shirt, dress, and jacket. Our broad shoulders often mean tugging, puckering, and restriction. 

Broads the Label is always comfortably and reliably fitted for broad shoulders, pairs sophistication with simplicity, and is created to last. Finally, broad shouldered women are getting their sleeves back.

Daron Linton of Broads the Label on How Fitting Podcast episode 31.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About the moment Daron decided she needed to start Broads the Label
  • The small-business skills that really helped her start her own brand
  • The power of well-fitting clothes
  • What Daron did to start her brand without a background in the fashion industry
  • The advice Daron would give to new fashion start-ups based on what she’s learned
  • How Daron knew she had found the right patternmaker
  • Where Daron found her factory and other vendors
  • Why Daron had to start with owning her own body shape before she could be proud of launching Broads the Label

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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