Workwear Designed for Community with KaLeena Thomas of J. Margaret Weaver

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Workwear Designed for Community with KaLeena Thomas of J. Margaret Weaver

In episode 33, KaLeena Thomas talks about what was missing in her career wardrobe, how entrepreneurship and community go hand in hand, and the meaning behind her brand J. Margaret Weaver.

After more than a decade of struggling to find classic, high quality, and easy-to-care for professional work clothing and accessories, KaLeena Thomas decided to stop shopping and start the solution. In January 2021, she launched J. Margaret Weaver, a brand specializing in simple and smart work clothing and accessories for women. J. Margaret Weaver is committed to promoting ethical, US-based production, size inclusivity, and easy-to-care for pieces. Her vision is to empower and simplify life for women by streamlining the first decision you make every day – what am I going to wear?

KaLeena Thomas of J. Margaret Weaver on How Fitting podcast episode 33.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The problems KaLeena experienced with work clothes during her 10 years in big consulting
  • Why entrepreneurship can look very different from business to business
  • The technologies that have lowered the barrier to entry of entrepreneurship
  • What research KaLeena did before starting J. Margaret Weaver
  • The meaning behind the names of J. Margaret Weaver designs
  • How KaLeena built community around her brand
  • What the design and development process of her first piece looked like
  • What helped KaLeena move past the fear of failure in starting a business
  • How KaLeena found her factory and what she said when she first reached out to them
  • What KaLeena has found about the importance of in-person selling in age of online shopping

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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