HF#67 Experiencing Fashion As Art And Creativity with Emma Rubinson

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HF#67 Experiencing Fashion As Art And Creativity with Emma Rubinson

In episode 67, Emma Rubinson takes us behind the scenes of her namesake label and shares how she designs artful fashion and experiences that encourage people to be their most authentic selves. Hear her creative perspective on design and what it took to produce her recent NYFW collection.

Hailing from the planet Neptune, Emma Rubinson is a rare species of light that only travels in prime numbers. She is fascinated by the human consciousness, and the connections we form with one another. 

Emma’s work explores the human experience. Inspired by dreams, alternate realities, and psychological phenomena, she aims to empower people to embrace and express the true colors of their inner souls. She is constantly inspired by interactions with deep thinkers and big dreamers. 

Growing up near NYC, Emma thrives in a fast-paced environment full of diverse perspectives. Simultaneously, Emma’s heart lives deep in the mountains with an appreciation for solitude and disconnection from the world. Contrast plays a major part in Emma’s work as she explores dichotomies in the universe and in her own life, and pushes the boundaries of comfort seeking growth. 

Beyond fashion, Emma is a performer. Dancing and singing from a young age, she brings her collections and her audience to the stage by carefully designing the environment in which the work is experienced. Each show invites you into an alternate reality, challenging your perception of the world and inviting you to shamelessly wear your subconscious for the world to see.

Emma Rubinson on How Fitting podcast episode 67

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Emma got into fashion
  • Why color is a big part of her life and work
  • How to develop a personal design style
  • Emam’s process for concepting and creating a collection
  • How Emma aims to create an experience beyond just the clothing with her work
  • How Emma got the opportunity to show her collection during NYFW
  • What contributed to Emma’s massive social media growth
  • Why Emma shares tips and resources for other designers on social media
  • Why Emma does not want her own brand to be her full-time job

People and resources mentioned in this episode:

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